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Why Panic Now

Push only one emergency button on the screen of your mobile phone and your contacts, that you have entered for help, will know that you are in danger and the feature of the app of letting your contacts know of your location, via Global Positioning System (GPS), maybe a lifesaver when your contacts will move heaven and earth to help you.

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Cure Pill

The Internet has brought the world together. But at the same time, it has also split the families. Younger generation goes after the greener pastures for better-paying jobs, for being in the “know” of the technology.

Medical Insurance Records

Medical insurance is a basic necessity in today’s world. You should not have to remember premiums’ deadlines. You have to select the medical insurance, which family members to insure & pay the premiums on time. You can record expenses of illnesses. Medical Insurance App keeps the data at your fingertips. Detailed information will come in handy for claim processing with the insurance company.

Read further all the recording capabilities of this very practical app.

My Community Friends
(Under Development)

With the high rise buildings everywhere people have lost touch with each other. In big cities, people have started feeling alone. Smaller the population in a village/town, the closer is the people. They talk to each other about their delights.