Cure Pill

Features of the App

Cure Pill helps you stay healthy. It provides several modules that help you keep track of your medications and medical records. It also provides reminders to take medications and for doctor appointments.



Pillbox stores scheduled doses of your medications.


Get a reminder to take your medications.


You can record upcoming doctor appointments, review previous appointments, and receive appointment reminders.

Lab Test Reports

Store your lab tests so that a doctor can review them.


Enter the contact information and qualifications of your doctor.


Enter your prescriptions and when you have to take them.


Cure Pill will remind you to refill your medications based on the Prescription information you entered.

OTC (Over The Counter)

You don’t need a prescription for OTC medications, like aspirin. Cure Pill records when OTC medications have to be taken so that you don’t have to.


You can record any side effects to any prescribed or OTC medications, so that you can discuss them with your doctor.


Record your insurance information to show at your doctor’s office.

Cure Pill will remind you to pay your premium on time and keep your coverage current.

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