Continuing Your Education

Continuing Your Education

Maybe you’re still working, but want to either get a degree for a promotion or even to start a new career. Maybe you’re retired, but want to keep your mind sharp. Maybe you have mobility issues, hearing difficulties, you don’t drive, or you have commitments at home, but you still want to learn. Welcome to the wonderful world of online education!

Online colleges are more affordable than traditional colleges. They give you:

  • The same classes you’d get if you attended the traditional way
  • Even more choices than traditional students get. You can take accelerated programs/classes, acquire credentials not available to traditional students, or even complete your degree in significantly less time.
  • You can set your schedule to your own pace, take classes when they’re convenient for you, and attend them from the comfort of your own home. There’s no commute and no parking worries. Many courses allow you to view class material when you want, and to view it repeatedly.

Many schools offer special services for older students. Some pair students with individual advisors, and most help you get in the swing with introductory lessons explaining how online courses work. Lots of courses are geared towards the 50+ crowd, particularly at community colleges.

If you’re on a fixed income, check out Coursera, which offers hundreds of free courses, as well as a limited number of affordable certificates, bachelors, and master’s degrees, all affiliated with top companies and universities.

You don’t have to be shy about going back to school online. Your experience, maturity, and determination will set a great example for younger students!

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