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Enter the world of Atre Group with tailored apps, using is easy, they are forgiving for a tired brain, and they are addressing the needs of the technology neophytes.

In future with some modifications many of these apps can be used by anyone – young or old.


Cure Pill – Functionalities

People throughout the world are living longer & a pretty healthy life compared to a few decades ago. But no one has yet found the “Fountain of Youth.” As the people get older they are vulnerable to ill health which requires medical attention. Medical attention in many instances means the elderly have to take medications on a regular basis.Even though people are getting older the 80-year-old brain is not that crisp as the 60-year-old brain. As a result, the elderly start to become forgetful. And forgetting to take certain medications could be deadly. Atre Group has built “Cure Pill” to take care of very important health issues of the seniors so that they can enjoy their golden years in spite of being under medical attention.

Cure Pill functionalities are as follows:

Appointment: Seniors can get reminded for their upcoming appointments with their physicians and have a look at old appointments for references.


Prescriptions: After visiting the physician, they can store their prescription image in the app.

Reminders for taking Medications: Cure Pill can set a reminder for each and every medication from prescription.

OTC (Over The Counter): If a senior would prefer to acquire medications Over The Counter (OTC), which don’t need prescriptions, from a pharmacy or any other place certified to dispense medications, the Cure Pill records all the necessary information as records.

Refill: Cure Pill will provide a reminder for refilling of medication based on data provided by seniors.

Physician: Cure Pill can collect all the contact information of physicians with their specializations.

Lab Testing Reports: Lab testing reports is a norm for regular check-ups as well as for any abnormal findings of health issues. Cure Pill can store the reports with details so a physician can understand the previous history related to the particular medical condition.

Insurance: Insurance information need not have to be memorized by the senior. Cure Pill can record the information and can provide it to the healthcare professional when needed. The App can also make sure that premiums are paid on time and the insurance coverage is kept current


(Under Development)

My Community Friends-Functionalities

People throughout the world are living longer pretty healthy life. Many elderly people are living by themselves. Living alone should not mean they have to be lonely. Atre Group is building apps for these seniors to have an enjoyable social life. The My Community Friends helps these seniors to be friends with people of similar interests. ”Your Interest My Interest – YIMI” is the concept behind the friendship. YIMI seniors form a community with a manageable physical distance between their residences.

The My Community Friends functionalities are as follows:

The App collects information about the seniors’ residence addresses, and their interests from the interest list such as watching movies, reading books, visiting museums, walking, visiting fitness centers, cooking and so on. If they have an interest which is not in the list they can expand the Interest list.
The app assists them to find physical distances between the members’ residences. They can search people from the community with common interests and can send requests to YIMI members of the community with a reasonable physical distance between residences to become YIMI friends. The YIMI friends can get together to have a cup of coffee/ tea; can watch movies, can go on walks etc. The App provides Chat option to start communication between them.

Why Panic Now

Why Panic Now? – Functionalities

When emergency strikes seconds could make a difference between life & death. Our App helps the senior in distress to get in touch with the emergency contacts such as hospital, ambulance, next of kin, friend, a neighbor who can come to rescue.

Why Panic Now? functionalities are as follows:

Why Panic Now? will let the user fill the emergency contact details so that these contacts are at hand in case of an emergency.
When selected, the emergency contact, be it a hospital, ambulance service, a police station, next of kin, a friend, or a neighbor will automatically be informed of the physical location of the person in need via a text message (also called SMS – Short Message Service). If the person in need of help can speak with the contact the app will enable a conversation. If the first contact doesn’t respond the subsequent contacts from the list are automatically called till someone responds. Why Panic Now? also has a feature such as calling the person’s family physician.