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While anyone can use our apps, including people living on their own, or people caring for older parents, these apps are specifically designed to provide a sense of security and wellbeing for seniors living at home, or in facilities for the elderly, but apart from their families. Our Why Panic Now app can alert emergency contacts when you need help.

Our Cure Pill app can provide reminders to take medicines and of doctor appointments. Your loved ones can see, if you allow them to have access to your data, that you are taking your medications on time. They don’t have to call every day to find out if you took your medications. That will provide them peace of mind.

With our Medical Insurance Records app, you can keep track of medical insurance information, such as when your policies need to be paid. As you get older, it is easy to forget. Once a policy becomes invalid, it is almost impossible to get a replacement.  You don’t want to face that challenge.

The My Community Friends app can help you create a small community of nearby friends with similar interests (YintMint – Your Interest My Interest), such as reading books, walking, going to restaurants or cafes, watching movies, or playing cards. While your childhood friends may not live nearby, you can find people in your neighborhood who share your interests.


Shaku Atre

Shaku Atre, President Atre, Inc., Former Partner PWC, Various Positions IBM World Trade for 14 years. Has Masters of Science, Suma cum Laude, in Statistics, University of Poona, India; Scholarship for Post

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Jean Bigras

I ran the technology department of Atre Net, Inc. In Canada a number of years. As a result, I developed various marketing plans with help of websites of a number of outstanding Silicon Valley customers of Read More

Asif Sayyed

Asif Sayyed is incharge of personnel issues including finances. His skills lie in dealing with any logistics whether easy to resolve or almost impossible to handle.

Our Advisory Board

Nobby Akiha

SVP Marketing, Actuate, Helped to sell the company to Open Text Corporation, Canada; VP Marketing, Inference; Master of Science in Management, Marketing/MIT School of Management, Marketing, Marketing Management.

Susan Cooper

Susan Cooper is in charge of app testing. She is a technology geek who helped test our apps on Androids and iPhones. She is also an expert in database technology.

David Shimberg

David Shimberg has been the marketing lead for two of the largest global software companies’ professional services groups (HP Software and BMC Software). As a published author and advisor to  IBM, Read More


Nobby Akiha

I had the pleasure to work with Shaku for over a decade while heading up marketing for Actuate Corporation. As a widely published authority in the fields of Business Intelligence (BI) and Data

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Ulf Mattsson
Ulf Mattsson

Shaku impressed me as an expert in data security and related fields. It was a great pleasure to work with her and learning from her deep skills and perspectives in database technology and related

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Christopher Lochhead

Please allow me to introduce my dear friend Shaku Atre. Shaku studied computer science about 40 years ago. She was the only woman in her class. She was fantastic. After she graduated and she

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What are users saying?

Kishori Prasad
Board member of Swadhar IDWC, Freelance advisor for corp. org.

I have used the apps created by Atre Group, User friendliness and ease of

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Serena Bonomo

Curepill App developed by Atre Group is a very helpful app that I use on a regular basis. It’s useful for my need to balance multiple medications

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Dan Schwartz

Cure Pill understands that you already have a busy life and that dealing with your doctors and dealing with pharmacies can get frustrating. The

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Ines Mejia

I personally believe that Atre Apps are very easy to use for all age groups. I am currently a Pharmacy Technician. My contribution to the Apps is my

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